Banners Broker Review | The Inside Story On Banners Broker

PinExt Banners Broker Review | The Inside Story On Banners Broker
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Banners Broker Review | … Get The Inside Story On Banners Broker

There are plenty of ways to make money online although some are highly suspect and may end up making you lose your money. In my opinion, one of the best systems to make money online is using the Banners Broker system, which is proving to be quite profitable for those who have taken advantage of it. This Banners Broker system involves the use of ad space, which is sold to its members at a particular fee. In Banners Broker, this ad space is yours to have for the period set. As a member of Banners Broker system, your aim is to rent this space out in order to generate revenue.

As noted in this Banners Broker review, the ad spaces you purchase from Banners Broker are called panels. These panels are all set at different values. The system requires you to generate enough sales to match the value you paid for the panels you have. This has to be done through driving traffic to your panels.

You can either set your panels to 50% or 100% cap value. The former setting means that half of the money you earn will go into your electronic wallet while the other half will go into purchasing another panel of the same color. 100% cap value on the other hand means that all the money you generate is used to buy two panels of the same color which you will then use as additional advertising space. It is important to note that only you have the ultimate control on your purchased panels although, as noted in this Banners Broker review, Banners Broker can manage the revenue collection or you.

With Banners Broker, once you have achieved twice the value of each pane in advertising revenues then you can close that panel and opt for a higher valued one. Some of the values of the panels that you can purchase include $25,$55,$145,$415,$1225 and $3655. The higher the value of the panel you have paid for, then the more time it takes for you generate revenue of that amount. However, the profit margins are higher the lower valued counterparts.

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As noted in this Banners Broker review, there are several color-coded panels, which you can purchase the Banners Brokers system panels. The higher the level the more the money you pay to buy a panel for advertising. The levels of membership from lowest to the highest are: yellow, purple, blue, green, red, and black. In order to get back twice what you invested in purchasing a panel through this system it may take anywhere between two weeks and 8 months depending on how aggressive you are in bringing in traffic.

The monthly membership also varies depending on what amount of money you are willing to invest. The membership levels include standard and premium membership. You will be required to pay $15 or $100 (premium) admin costs a month to obtain the membership. You will also be required to pay a 5% processing fee as well as operating costs and sales tax as set by your country.

Banners Broker Review: Scam? 

As noted in this Banners Broker review, some people still think, the Banners Broker system is a ponzi scheme or a cash-gifting scam, but this is very far from the truth, and anyone who has used the system to advertise, knows the value and power of the Banners Broker product. This Banners Broker review also notes that Ponzi schemes use money from other members to pay you while with Banners Broker, this system uses money generated from online advertising to pay its members. You can also get legally acceptable commissions from referrals. Banners Broker is therefore, in my humble opinion, one of the best legit money making opportunities anywhere in the world, and is certainly worth checking out.

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PinExt Banners Broker Review | The Inside Story On Banners Broker
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  1. Great stuff Chris!

  2. Awesome content and very explicit ! Thank you @1

  3. There are hundreds of advertising sources out there and you have to go with the one having huge traffic. Even if you have good traffic website but choose to go with the adnetwork with not much potential advertisers, its not going to help at all. A better known banner broker is which right now is the number one in this niche

  4. I see no obvious reason to suspect it of outright scams, the site is about 2 years old. The greater question is whether their particular ads will be effective, even marketers have to first test ad sources at a smaller scale and carefully track and measure the sales the ads bring in. S

  5. Thanks John! Appreciate the feedback! Stay stellar my friend!

  6. Thanks! Glad you liked it! Stay tuned for more reviews on Banners Broker!

  7. Excellent point Sam! The network is very important from an advertising perspective. Banners Broker have been providing an excellent CTR (click through rate) on all my banners so far. :) The best part is that Banners Broker pays me to advertise with their network!

  8. So far the ads are proving very effective. For me the biggest draw with the Banners Broker program is the Ad-Pub combo which actually allows me to make money every time I advertise GUARANTEED :)

  9. David Alphonse says:

    Nice post as always Chris ! It’s a pleasure to read your blog.

  10. Cheers David! Thanks for the feedback! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions moving forward. All the best. 613 668 9317

  11. Its the first time i read about this program and it made me curios as you state its really effective. I will give it a try thanks for the awesome post.

  12. Cheers! Banners is certainly becoming one of, if not the most, popular international income opportunity online due to its overall simplicity and lucrative compensation structure.

  13. Wao! I am really surprised to real this article

  14. does anyone know how income from your BB account is reported, I am in the US. Does banners show the spendable amount in your EWALLET as your reportable income,can you report the cost of panel repurchase against earnings to minimize tax owed as well as TP purchases, and is the tax ordinary income. Hopefully there are some accountants in BB out there that can help

  15. it’s a very good site

  16. Now I have understand what are Banner Brokers systems with this brilliant article by Chris. It is the most important advertising business to get huge revenues there.
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  17. I wanted to compose a note to be able to express gratitude to you for some of the lovely concepts you are sharing at this website. If you need more information you can go to and read the articles there.

  18. @ Abrar. It’s definitely one of the most popular online income opportunities on the net. And the fact that it helps provde advertising for affiliates is something unique that I’m sure will be copied by other companies in the coming months and years.
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  19. @ India. :) I understand your suprise. Most people have similar reactions when I tell them my sponsor Simon Stepsys has made over $5 Million with Banners Broker in the last 18 months! :) It’s a revolutionary company changing lives all over the world.
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  20. @ Protherm. I agree. It’s profitable and therefore a welcome part of my Online Empire :)
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  21. @ Lou. Great questions, but as I’m not qualified to offer any tax or legal advise I would consult with your own accountant to make sure you’re compliant with that beast of a document called the US Tax Code :S
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  22. BoT is very similar to BannersBroker but with improvements. One being, get paid weekly each Wednesday if the withdrawal is placed before the previous Saturday. This is a huge advantage. No more waiting for payouts.

  23. @ Seovault, Cheers, thanks for sharing. :)
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