Bids That Give Review – Is Bids That Give a SCAM?

PinExt Bids That Give Review   Is Bids That Give a SCAM?
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Bids That Give Review

…Is Bids That Give a SCAM?

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In this Bids That Give Review, I’ll explain exactly why this new penny auction site is poised to make a huge difference around the world, all while rendering it’s competitors in the field, with little respect for compliance, and whom don’t support charities, utterly obsolete.

Bids That Give Review… Is Bids That Give a SCAM?
**ZEEK UPDATE – AUG 18th 2012 **
Why We’re Different…

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The Bids That Give review Penny Auction site follows a very similar auction model to the well known penny auction site, “Quibids”, but with some major business model improvements, the largest of which being the Private Revenue Sharing  (PRS) Bids That Give is being compared to another auction site some of you may have heard of called Zeek Rewards, however  there have been several MAJOR improvements over the Zeek model as well, including stricter legal compliance, sustainability parameters,  higher referral payouts, bigger revenue sharing pools and bonuses, and personal contribution limits to preserve the company’s integrity and longevity….(SEE MORE) … and that’s not even the best part!! Bids That Give will also be donating a portion of every single bid sold to support charities that help children in need. Bids That Give even accepts charity nominations for non-profits in YOUR community! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Bids That Give Review: The Next Generation In Penny Auctions

It’s pretty simple to see in this Bids That Give Review, that Bids That Give, with their progressive, charitable business model is going to completely replace the penny auction sites of old, like Quibids, Bidify and Zeekler, simply because those other auction sites just won’t be able to compete with Bids That Give having not only the absolute highest referral commissions, but also the most stable and profitable revenue sharing plan of all penny auctions sites the world. And the fact that both customers and affiliates alike will be automatically helping underprivileged children in need every time they buy or sell bids is a truly remarkable and innovative concept.

At Bids That Give, the slogan is, “Every Bid Helps a Kid” and that’s something truly revolutionary in the penny auction world,  and is certainly going to rival companies like Quibids, Bidify and Zeekler who may be left scratching their heads, wondering why they never thought of giving back to those less fortunate, all the while watching their customer and affiliate base dwindle and make the pilgrimage over to Bids That Give, where their hard earned dollar will go even further towards helping those children who actually need it the most.

The owner founded the company with the specific motivation to become the biggest penny auction site in the world and through that platform, help as many kids in awful circumstances around the world as possible, in fact, you can even meet the kids your are helping feed/clothe/educate with your bids! This Bids That Give review notes that the epidemic and the children in need around the world are absolutely real, and that’s exactly why Bids That Give is trying to make as large a global impact as possible with their Private Revenue Sharing model and extensive charitable donations.

As you can see in this Bids That Give review, Bids That Give, isn’t just a unique way to bid on things that you would want to try and get for a low price, this site also has ways for affiliates to earn an incredible income on the side. In this Bids That Give review, I’ll list the 5 different types of memberships that someone can chose to JOIN at.
When you Join Bids That Give, the 4 different membership levels are as follows

1)  Contributor. This is the lowest paid membership there is. You and I would pay $10 a month, and would get 20 subscription bids monthly.

2) Guardian. By paying $50 a month, we would get 100 subscription bids monthly.

3) Benefactor. By paying $100 a month, we would get 200 subscription bids monthly.

4)Ambassador. This is the highest membership there is. By paying $250 a month, we would get 500 subscription bids.

As an affiliate, one of the most exciting parts about Bids That Give is Daily Revenue Sharing Pool where 50% of the company’s daily revenue is put into a shared pool. This pool is then shared with bid ambassadors who meet all of the qualifications set forth by the company, which are as follows…
Bids That Give Review….

How would I become a qualified bid ambassador?

1) -I’d need to have at least two retail customers.

**(Simply give away some of your Bids to 2 people interested in playing the auctions)**

2) -I must purchase at least ten wholesale bids that can be given away.

3 )-And I’d have to place and verify a free ad every day.

Bids That Give Review… Is Bids That Give a SCAM?
**ZEEK UPDATE – AUG 18th 2012 **
Why We’re Different…

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Another perk of the Bids That Give compensation plan, as detailed in this Bids That Give review, is the car payment program. For bid ambassador’s who get at least 60,000 points in the daily revenue sharing pool, Bids That Give will pay $1,200 towards ANY model, new or used vehicle 2009 or newer. If I wanted to qualify for this program, I’d need to become a “mentor” and I’d have to maintain that title for at least a month.
For More Details On The Compensation Plan WATCH VIDEO HERE

As detailed in the Bids That give review compensation plan, a Presidential Ambassador is someone who has earned at least $100,000 in a given month and is automatically given a 2nd position in the company. This compensation structure will preserve the longevity of the company and was something missing from the Zeek model. This individual, once given their second position, then has chances at earning an RV, an exotic car and even a new house paid for by the company! And if that individual reaches that level of the comp-plan on their 2nd position, they would then be given a 3rd position in the company where upon reaching the top of the compensation plan in that 3rd leg, would then be given the opportunity to build an orphanage or hospital with a $250,000 bonus awarded by the company. Amazing stuff!

Bids That Give Review: The Revolution Has Begun!

From what I’ve seen, watched, read and compared, I’ve found Bids That Give to offer many unique ways to earn a solid residual income from home and because practically EVERYONE makes money with Bids That Give, I see it being far more sustainable model than most traditional home businesses. At Bids That Give, every bid will greatly benefit those less fortunate children in your community and around the world, while at the same time as helping those consumers keep more of their own hard earned money in their pockets by saving up to 99% off retail merchandise. I believe that the Bids That Give business model is a revolutionary way for consumers to not only get great deals, but contribute to supporting a great global cause at the same time. And I believe those who get behind this movement early and decide to spread the word and share in this company’s incredible vision, will end up not only helping those less fortunate, but in return for doing so, also secure their own financial future in the process, potentially for generations to come.


Or Contact Me, Chris Burpee, Bids That Give, Foundering Member, to learn more about this powerful new Private Revenue Sharing partnership, which over the coming years will help millions of people around the world, save money, make money, and most importantly, make a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged children everywhere.

God bless.
Chris Burpee
Founding Ambassador
Bids That Give Review

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PinExt Bids That Give Review   Is Bids That Give a SCAM?
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  1. I enjoyed your review Chris. I’m glad to be on the same Founding boat as you. Again, excellent review.

  2. Thanks bro, i appreciate that! Looking forward to this journey. We’re going to help a lot of kids with this program. Stoked!

  3. hi chris sen full details to my mail; and send me the joining link

  4. Done and Done Murali! Welcome to the contribution revolution! :)

  5. Nice review chris ! I will follow your blog because it’s awesome.

  6. Thanks fo posting this up with some useful information. I will definately be looking into this business more this coming week.

  7. There are people who promote Bids as a “you don’t have to recruit or sell anything” kind of deal. I have seen people actually bid and win these items, and the more bidders, the more money Bids ultimately makes. The idea is that you are recruiting people to build your business and are paid a commission based on their marketing efforts.

  8. Almost. You’re actually not paid commissions based on their efforts at all. Rather you are paid commissions for direct referrals, but direct referrals only. The revenue share on the other hand, requires no sponsoring whatsoever in order to earn a daily commission. :)

  9. Cool Natalie, let me know if I can be of any help. :)

  10. Appreciate all your positive feedback! :) Stay stellar!

  11. This is scam. Some people from Zeekreward teamed up to set up Bidthatgive before 1 month ZRW had been closed by SEC. This is the same model of Zeekreward. People need to avoid this because SEC will soon close this model. They ask to have 4 people then do not have to pay monthly fee. FBI and SEC need to close this soon to avoid losing of money of people.

  12. Hey Dave, did you lose money in Zeek? That sucks bro. But luckily BTG had 18 months to study the fraudulent Zeek model and make the necessary improvements to ensure longevity. As of right now, my team and I are happily making money EVERY day with BTG. :) Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about the program that is helping kids in need around the world. Cheers mate.

  13. Useful information as always ! Waiting for more posts.

  14. Cheers Max! Let me know if you have any specific questions. 613 668 9317

  15. Thank you for the explanation. It is better than the Penny Matrix site gives.

  16. Is Bids That Give Review penny website like Zeekler? I have worked in Zeekler and I have a good experience on it. Can I work there as I have done in Zeekler? Definitely waiting for Chris Burpee’s advice.
    Abrar Mohi Shafee recently posted..Turn Your Symbian OS Phone To Android OSMy Profile

  17. Tons of top notch information here, was charming to read. Can’t wait to find more posts like these posts from you in the near future, thanks again!

  18. Just a new visitor stopping by for a minute and leaving a comment! Nice layout btw.

  19. One problem I have faced when promoting and advertising Bids That Give is that people will compare it to the downfall of Zeek no matter how you present the business. Even if it is legitimate. I get it, even tho many of zeek affiliates were seeing a huge income withing months of marketing many others got screwed and lost thousands of dollars. They are afraid to join or invest on another MLM let another penny-auction.
    I’ve been with with BTG since day one. Yes, i was skeptical about it at first but after a while i got pretty confident about it. Yes this company copied a system and yes we all know the original system failed after a while. But BTG copied success, not failure! And the penny auction is only the main attraction. Do not forget about the charities, the mall, the getaways, cash back and other services…
    I think we should do a little more research, learn and test before we go judging and saying things we think, but in the end we just cant prove them…

  20. Howdy, I recently found your blog by way of Yahoo even though trying to find a relevant topic, your blog developed, it looks to be similar to great. I have combined with favourites types|added to this favorites.

  21. Hi Chris,

    Great Review. You were one of the first people that introduced me to Bids That Give and it really is a great program.

    Just wanted to say Thanks and much respect to you for being a Great Guy & World Class Marketer!

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